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One of the Founder members of The Future.Founder of ClockDVA & TAGC ( The Anti Group.) Artist,Painter ,Sonic & Kinetic Engineer ,Konstructor ,Konnectionist,Pataphysical Pantheist,Meontological Mycologist & Existentialist Super-naturalist Traveler,Founder of Clockdva.

Clock DVA are one of the pre eminent pioneers of late 70’s/80’s experimental music along side and in collaborative association with Throbbing Gristle and Cabaret Voltaire. As one of the founder members of The Future, which evolved into The Human League, Adi Newton began his life long involvement with sound via painting and through a theatre project which began his involvement with sound, he founded Clock DVA and TAGC/The Anti Group in 1978.

Clock DVA’s acclaimed albums include the 1988 album “Buried Dreams” (Considered by many as an electronic masterpiece) and the 1980 electro-acoustic album “Thirst” released on the cult label Fetish. Considered by Paul Morley in his NME Album review as one of the Best Debut Albums of the 1980’s, it sat alongside Joy Divisions “Unknown Pleasures” and The Falls “Dragnet”.
 Clock DVA continue to present and release new music and perform critically acclaimed audio visual works and performances through out Europe and the USA

Newton also Directs TAG/The Anti Group an independent multi-media research & development project active in many related areas. Strictly speaking TAG are not a group, but a variable collection of individuals contributing under invitation and the directorship of Adi Newton. Genre-breaking works include the ambisonic album “Digitaria” 1986 and Test Tones, a series of pioneering albums, produced in 1985/6 which have had lasting impact on the development of extreme forms of electronic music.

Newton has also been involved in numerous art museum presentations and performances, including the prestigious ARS Electronica Linz,The V & A London and Art Futura Museo Nacional Centro De Arte Reina Sophia Madrid . He has recently returned to painting and intends to explore and develop his multi discipline practice into the art and painting arena with sound and visual installations while still remaining very active within the DVA/TAGC projects. Throughout all these, Newton directs all projects as well as the multi media production company ARMComm/Anterior Research Media Communications.



my interests are guided by intuition and arcane occult and futuristic knowledge.. “Adi Newton has long since described the process of making music as his research. It represents a more thoughtful and reflective body of work than that which dominates his peer group. In particular, Newton’s grasp of the philosophical connotations of technology placed him apart from the majority of its practitioners.”

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“If all meanings could be adequately expressed by words, the arts of painting and music would not exist.” (DEWEY 1930)

“An absolute can only be given in an intuition, while all the rest has to do with analysis. We call intuition here the sympathy by which one is transported into the interior of an object in order to coincide with what there is unique and consequently inexpressible in it. Analysis, on the contrary, is the operation which reduces the object to elements already known.“

Henri L. Bergson 1912

“It is because the public are a mass — inert, obtuse, and passive — that they need to be shaken up from time to time so that we can tell from their bear-like grunts where they are — and also where they stand. they are pretty harmless, in spite of their numbers, because they are fighting against intelligence.”Alfred Jarry 1888.
“There’s no reason to live, but there’s no reason to die, either. The only way we can still show our contempt for life is to accept it. Life is not worth the bother of leaving it. Out of charity, one might spare a few individuals the trouble of living, but what about oneself? Despair, indifference, betrayal, fidelity, solitude, the family, freedom, weight, money, poverty, love, absence of love, syphilis, health, sleep, insomnia, desire, impotence, platitudes, art, honesty, dishonor, mediocrity, intelligence – nothing there to make a fuss about. We know only too well what those things are made of, no point in watching for them.”

— Jacques Rigaut 1936







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