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“Adi Newton has long since described the process of making music as his research.It represents a more thoughtful and reflective body of work than that which dominates his peer group. In particular, Newton’s grasp of the philosophical connotations of technology placed him apart from the majority of its practitioners.”NME.COM First For Music News..
Adi Newton began his life long involvement with Sound via Painting and through a theatre Project which began his involvement with the electronic Trio The Future from which he founded ClockDVA and TAGC / The Anti Group both of which are increasingly considered as one of the pre eminent pioneers of 80’s experimental music.The CDVA acclaimed albums include the 1988 electronic masterpiece BURIED DREAMS & the 1980 electro acoustic THIRST While TAGC can cite the Meontogical Research Recording series and the Ambisonic landmark Digitaria as much appraised and influential works.The Psychophysicist album is also considered as a important seminal work devised / produced and composed by Adi newton and Andrew Mckenzie of the Halfer Trio.Newton has recently returned to painting and intends to explore and develop his multi discipline practice into the Art and Painting arena while still remaining very active within the DVA/TAGC/PSYCHOPHYSICIST projects.Newton Directs all three projects as well as the Multi media production company

ARMComm / Anterior Research Media Communications.

http://www.clockdva.co.uk/armc / https://adinewtondotnet.wordpress.com/about/TA100_1393

By Dir A Newton.
TAGC are not affiliated to any one system of philosophy or epistemological paradigm or occult fraternity but are open more to individual systems and innovative thinkers Science, Art , Music Sonology ,Visual Arts, Literature, Research & Publication are its main areas of focus ,Over the years ideas and occult philosophy of various individual practioners have been a focus of exploration and research within TAGC projects, but there is always connections to other areas of research within those projects in some our aim is to highlight and discover new connections and correspondences between systems of thought and the systems of technics similar to Bernard Stiegler’s concept of technics which has emerged recently as an important contribution to studies of the relation between technology, time and the human spirit. by exploring the possibilities of the technology of spirit, to bring forth a new “life of the mind”
The original idea for the Anti Group was devised by A. Newton & S.J. Turner (R.I.P) as early as 1978, with the intention of the formation of a multi-dimensional research & development project active in many related areas. Strictly speaking TAGC are not a group, but a variable collection of individuals contributing under invitation .
Underlining this basic idea lays the deeper philosophical
and theoretical work of TAGC; The C derived from Communications and to also infer the DNA code of genetics. The primary concern of TAGC is the systematic research and development and documentation and the ,expansion of the connections and concepts that are explored and experimented within the fabric of sound, and its theoretical possibilities and its advancement..Also the expansion of Consciousness wether via applied use of computers and audio-visual technology or via arcane systems of Magick or other Occult or esoteric sciences.
In the Occult field of study the work and ideas of such individual thinkers pioneers such as Kenneth Grant,Beverly Randolph Paschel ,Micheal Bertiaux ,Jack Marvel Whiteside Parsons , have been a focus, but the areas of investigation are not restricted to esoteric or occult fields .As a Audio visual and research organization the role of TAGC

is within several practional areas, and from very early in the formational period of TAGC the application of Psychophysics and the development and the use of frequencies and Psychoacoustics.,exploring the theoretical ideas of Harry Grindal Mathews,Vladimir Gavreau Gustave Fechnor et al have been engaged upon .

The Meontological Research Recordings series 1/2/3 have focused on the
pioneering experiments conducted by Michael Bertiaux of the OTOA and the ‘La
Couleuvre Noire’. ‘Bertiaux has developed a system of esoteric engineering – a form of metamathematical reality. The Meontological series is based on Bertiaux’s neologism MEON. Ontology is the science of the metaphysics of being – MEONTOLOGY, therefore,
goes beyond this to a fourth-dimensional extension of parapsychology, and concerns
areas beyond current maps and explore ideas that seem to have existed anterior to modern man and from ultraterrestrial origins .(see also TAGC article in Antibodies Journal 2010 ).The implications and meanings would be impossible within the context of this Biography to fully document or explain in its fuller context.
The Third Meontological recording Transmission from the Trans-Yoggothian Broadcast Station .takes the form of a BOOK & DVD
For Recording 3 TAGC have researched areas of outsider science and Pataphysical
ideas derived from Alfred Jarry, Meontological Research Recordings 3 explores some
of the central ideas expressed in the Micheal Bertiaux ,Coulier Noire and Kenneth
Grants Cult of Lam and Jack Whiteside Marvel Parsons /Marjorie Cameron ,It also explores new developments of the implicit science that exists behind esoterics. The
Micheal Bertaux piece is a direct collaborative Film / audio piece based on the original Paintings and Drawings by Micheal Bertaux exclusively from his new works from Vudu Cartography (Fulger Press ) and from his older works ,also paintings and Drawings by Alfred Jarry,This Long awaited third recording in the Meon Series is a DVD Book featuring collaborative contributions from Micheal Bertiaux , & Barry William Hale ,this piece is based around Legion 49 and Teratological and Patapyshical concepts , Introductory forward piece by David Beth, La Société Voudon Gnostique. Each Audio piece is synchronized to an audio visual Invocation. Recordings use actual Biological radio recordings and Earth radio transmissions & ELF information, Films employ multiple montage and image manipulation .A fourth Meontological recording is planned for 2018 Based on Sensory Auditory Perception and Research based on Isolation
tank experiments .

TAG / C The Anti Group


Electronic Music Systems 1 copy


T.A.G.C.: Meontological Research Recordings & Teste Tones Soleilmoon |SOL 15 | CD 1985

An incomparable release in the history of psycho-acoustic recordings, no other disc in my collection possesses such indisputable power to alter my mental and physical state. One track in particular, “A.A.A. (Audio Alpha Activity)” contains such mind-bending material, it’s difficult to fathom the notion with which it was created.

T.A.G.C. (The Anti-Group) is a project of Clock DVA’s Adi Newton, who created the project as an “experimental research program”. Included with this disc is an informative text entitled “Threshold Of The Inconceivable”, which delves into the effects of sound on
brain patterns from technical and meontological (parapsychological) perspectives. Also supplied is a breakdown of beta, alpha, theta and delta waves, and which specific sound frequencies pertain to which.

The disc commences with a twelve-second recording of a 40 Hz tone, seemingly to test the boundaries of your sound system. If you can’t feel the presence of this low frequency tone when it’s played through your system, you’ll be missing out on too much to get anything out of these recordings. The track “Teste Tones” follows, which is a layering of ultra-high frequency sounds parlayed over the 40 Hz tone introduced at the start. Slow, creeping synthetic washes of sound enter the mix, and begin to reverberate around you. The mix is recorded so that the stereo phasing of certain elements is flipped to near 180o, resulting in a surround effect.

I’m going to skip ahead to the track “A.A.A.”, which is listed as the fourth track on the sleeve, but is actually track three on the disc (Soleilmoon’s track breakdown differs from the LP version released on Side Effects (R.I.P.) in 1988). From my own experience, this track is best listened to under somewhat controlled circumstances. Play it at a healthy volume – you will need to feel the low frequency pulses that develop in the track – and lay down comfortably with your eyes closed. Ensure you will not be interrupted for at least ten minutes (the length of the track), and hit play. The track begins with a slow, simple beep and hiss loop, sounding like a medical monitoring device of some sort. This is punctuated by vocal utterances of a very repetitive nature. The setup forms the basis of the entire track, and what happens is that every minute the tempo doubles. In the first minute,

there are twenty-two beep/hiss strikes, and in the next there are forty-four (methinks
Adi was looking into his “magick” book once again to come up with all these multiples of eleven). Not only is there anticipation of how fast the next minute will sound, but the very notion that the tempo will be doubling on itself repeatedly evokes visions of an infinitesimal nature. This relates precisely to what thoughts can enter your mind as you listen to the track in its entirety. Not only are these thoughts with you, but a physical effect is also experienced by way of the low frequency pulses and constant left-right panning of the beeps.
When I listen to it, my eyelids flutter and my body twitches. It renders me helpless, creating a feeling of lightness, both in body and in mind, but the end result is well worthwhile. It has the ability to clear your head and energize your being. It’s definitely a positive energy, and it lasts for a good while after listening to the track.
What follows are two very peaceful ambient pieces, which give you time to recuperate from the hyper pace of “A.A.A.”. In particular, the track “Magnetic Pharmacology” has an entirely calming effect, with its choral attributes and elemental effects.
The disc closes with “A.A.A.A. (Accelerated Audio Alpha Activity)”, which essentially is a cut- to-the-chase version of “A.A.A.”. It clocks in under five minutes, and the physical effects are nowhere near that of its predecessor. The arrangement is remarkable however, with a breakneck approach to its sequencing.
A remarkable achievement not only in sound design, but also in research and implementation, this release is unique in the history of sound recordings. It demands your attention, your intellect and your openness. It goes beyond being a mere auditory curiosity by inviting its audience to partake in the research first-hand. The results may amaze you. [Vils M DiSanto]
The Incursion Music Review was published and edited by Richard di Santo from 2000 to 2004. All 75 issues can be accessed in the Archive. Please note that we are no longer accepting submissions or promotional material for review.


MEON 2 sleeve front



MEON 3 BROADCAST edit 2012


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